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South Africa in Winter.          By Charlie Dimech.
 I was abandoned on the shore. I trod the wet sand, never to see a fellow human being again.  Looking into the schlerophyll forest, the green belt encircling the beach I pondered that this would be home forever more - if I survived .
The  thought occurred to me. Is this meant to be? And am I not free to be who I am,  to choose my own destiny within the limits of chance and  my own effort?
 To tame this wild place, I felt a certainty inside. I would be tried, but I would survive. I wouldn't be the first but I had some  pride, and I aimed not just to survive but to thrive.
I rose on my feet as yet another wave rolled over me. The incessant waves gave me a sense of constancy and in a strange way likewise a sense of security. I knew I could not change things but at the same time I sensed that things themselves could not change, and I determined to adapt. The English have always said "If you can't beat 'em join 'em." and I was certainly about to do that.
The channels cut in the sand by the tide on either side of me seemed like a good place to start my search for food. I walked over to the channel to my right and dug for food  -  anything so long as I had something to put in my mouth, that night.
The various molluscs that I found and crabs were plentiful.
Relieved that at least for now I would not starve, I had a raw treat, breaking open the shells with my knife which together with a dozen boxes of matches in a watertight bag were all that I posessed, apart from the clothes that I was wearing. I treasured them now, my sole posessions, and my sole source of distinction between myself and raw nature.
But all in all it made a difference, and I saw markedly that there was a difference. I was after all a human being, which raised me to a higher plane than the natural order and I did not have to descend to the purely natural plane to survive. Indeed my survival depended on my maintaining my fully human functioning and this I set out to do in my mind and ordained it as the sole basis of my interaction with nature. I determined from the start that I would not be an apeman.
The night was approaching, my first night on this deserted shore.It was preceded by a crimson sky which intensified towards the western horizon as the sun set.
With the brightness of  sunset keeping aglow my will, my soul, like the red hot embers of a fire long after it had died down, I placed all my cares in the hands of fate and, tired from the days and months of ordeal and uncertainty culminating in my complete abandonment and loss of civilization, I slept.
The weather was warm, the sea breeze gentle. I had a comfortable night and slept peacefully.
I was to need that sleep. the next day I awoke to the sound of branches crashing
as they broke and a shudder of earth. It came from somewhere far off to my left and within a moment I was running as fast as I could, to the farthest part of right  my legs could carry me. I ran for about fifteen minutes before stopping from exhaustion. I listened, all was quiet. I sat down under the protection of what looked like a large oak tree  covered in a densley foliated vine. It was like a room or temple inside and I was comforted after the immediately preceeding ordeal by the silence and the seclusion.
I was alone, all alone. An inexpressible, sad, sad situation to be in. There was nothing to be done, and I knew that for the moment at least, I was safe. But I had to eat. I had to stay alive no matter what. The time had come for the reckoning and inwardly I knew I could withstand this lonliness, and would withstand it for a long time to come. I had to eat.
There were natives, I knew, a long way from here, a hundred fifty, maybe two hundred miles inland. Did I prefer their barbaric company, their backward, what I thought to myself degenerate society to my own? It was a decision I would make in time I guessed.
I decided this tree enclosure would make a good temporary home. I might not find another like it. It was superb in a sense. And I gave thanks for it. I was dependant on the mercy of God not only for sustenance, shelter, and freedom from harm in this frightening, unknown land, but also for keeping me from despair, from panic and from barbarism. To this end, no day was to pass without a prayer escaping my lips.
I stood there for a half to one hour unable to move for fear.
Then I summoned up courage and left the enclosure. I was in a thick wood and found my bearings only by the shafts of light  which penetrated various sparser places which  I could see through the woods. My first priority was to eat. I made up my mind to face whatever it was out there. I found my way back, partly by instinct and by the disturbance I had made to the surrounding bush and on the ground during my initial flight. Before I left I marked several trees with an arrow so that I could find my way back to the oak tree. I needed water. My plan was to get to the shore and walk along the coast about a hundred yards inland looking for fresh water. I made my way quickly. The sound of the waves took me in a different direction to my tracks and I marked the larger trunks with arrows pointing in my direction of travel. I reached the shore quickly and began walking southward along the shoreline. There was a mountain range off to my left. I headed for it with ernest. I arrived at the base after about an hour and after a further half an hour I came across a stream.I gulped down about a litre of water as a few fish scattered. Then I saw a large crab which had stood motionless on the bottom. I grabbed it and quickly killed it by dashing it against a rock. As I walked upstream I managed to catch two more and dispensed with each one in the same way. I cut away the shell and ate the flesh raw. I then searched out some vines and worked furiously at intertwining them so as to prevent the larger fish from escaping once trapped.
This took two days and at the end of the two days sleeping once again in the open, I had two nets which could be fastened across the stream in two places to prevent fish escaping. This took up my third day, adding to the twine when necessitated by the depth of the water and the shape of the river. It was fixed in place by sticks driven  into the bottom of the stream and sides. The sides of the net were strengthened with thick twine I found in the jungle. I then made a net about two feet square and three feet deep and attached to a stick about four feet in length.  Together with my barricades  I managed to catch sufficient fish and gaining in confidence that I would not starve I had time on my hands to light a fire of dry twigs and leaves and cook my catch.
I was now too far from my 'temporary home' to-be to warrant going back there each night and slept in the warm, gentle breeze. Instead of snakes which I feared, I was attacked by insects. Some, such as spiders instilled in me such fear that I could not enjoy my surroundings once night fell and it was without comfort  of covering  of any kind that I bore up in misery each night between the few snatches of sleep that I was able to aquire on the nights of that first week. After that I built myself a makeshift platform  in a sprawling tree out of branches tied together and covered over with twine and I slept in relatively better peace of mind without the insects that appeared to infest the ground. But of course not entirely. There were still mosquitoes and other flying insects up here but thankfully no spiders and other creeping insects which were about two to three inches long. They resembled beatles, bugs and other creatures which were measured in millimetres in civilization rather than in inches.
After the first week it rained and I was forced to seek shelter  greater than that afforded me by the tree I was sleeping in. I found it in a tree covered so thickly in vines, not unlike the "oak" I had previously discovered, that little water penetrated through. There was nothing to stop me getting wet when I ventured out to get food and there was no way I could get dry artificially which made life more difficult.
It was some time before I ventured far enough to find edible fruit and berry bearing trees and some almost cost me my life.


Flower Close Up
"Abou ben Adhem (may his tribe increase)
Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,
and saw, within the moonlight in his room,
Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom,
an angel, writing in a book of gold: -
Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold,
and to the presence in the room he said,
'What writest thou?' - the vision raised its head,
and, with a look made of all sweet accord,
answered, 'the names of those who love the lord.'
'and is mine one?'  said Abou. 'Nay, not so,'
Replied the angel. Abou spoke more low,
but cheerily still; and said, 'I pray thee, then,
Write me as one that loves his fellow men.' 
The angel wrote, and vanished. The next night
It came again with a great wakening light,
and showed the names whom love of God had blessed,
and lo! Ben adhem's name led all the rest."
LEIGH HUNT. " Abou ben adhem and the Angel."


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For those few who merit it God is sending his angels to take them to a place of refuge. The rest, do your best to rely on God's help, His Mercy and protection whilst still in the world . Draw closer to God through fasting and prayer and have confidence he will never desert you or try you beyond that which you can bear!

Notice the angel figure in this photo.

True Letter of Our Saviour Jesus Christ.(link)

'I was abandoned on the shore'

I found some molluscs and a crab.......


the night was approaching

tired.............I slept






detox with bentonite clay (link)

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The last sad hour of freedom's dream
And Valour's task moved slowly by
While mute they watched till morning's beam
Should rise and give them light to die
There is a world where souls are free
where tyrants taint not nature's bliss
If death that world's bright opening be
Oh. who would live a slave in this?   
Thomas Moore.


Beth Miriam Houses for the Poor in various Countries including Palestine.(link)

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Favorite Band or Musician:      xenos,
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Favorite books:                        angelas ashes,
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Favorite food:                          good pizza
Favourite people:                    Dr Mark Sircus.
Favourite politicos:                  Abinidinijad,
                                                Palin, Putin.
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To A Poet A Thousand Years Ago.
I read your poem
Of truth and lust
Of fame and unmitigated ambition
Which you said would fill my age
And even gave you hint
Indeed you must
That it would sadly fill our stage.
I have only this to offer you
My friend
I felt the coming tempest bend
I felt the roar of lust
I heard the loud insistence of the world.
I said indeed you must, you must.
My thoughts imprisoned
My life flattened
By an ever unforgiving trust.
I see the wisdom of your saying
I see the vision of your trust.
But little uncompromising one am I
And little dust I, the winds defy,
To stand above this world's ruin and rust.
I made the wine
Some soured it.
I blew a pathetically weak tune.
Oh, so few mouthed it.
I challenged them with my life
And they scoured it.
I built a temple in the sky
Beyond the grasp and filth
Of evil eye
And only one man say I
Will know for what
For faith I cry
Because only one
That one is I
Has seen the statues that passed by
And birds that have sung forever and a day
Have witnessed nature in all its glory
And will not submit
And will uphold the story
But only my friend
for you and I.
                    Charlie Dimech.


"How Great Thou Art." Sung by Crystal Lewis, with stills. (Video)


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