My short Stories

Messages From Heaven.

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+29th October 1993.  (8.17pm . the message finishes at approximately 8.50)
ST MICHAEL is with Our Lady, who has just arrived. He stands behind Our holy Mother with the point of his sword touching the ground. St Michael speaks, or I should say, thunders.
St MICHAEL  Dear child and dear children. I have come and spoken to you before through my child, Charlie here, but you have paid no attention to him or to me because of him. I shout out now to the world to listen for the Majesty of Almighty god is about to be revealed to creation. Shudder, you who openly defy God and boast so as much. Within six months you will all be swept away. This is the hand of God.
OUR LADY  Listen to the word of the Archangel who stands in readiness to destroy satan and his gargantulan evil infested into virtual all the earth. St Michael sword will unstoppably strike
You who cannot bear to hear the name of God spoken
You to whom self is God and the lifestyle is based on this figment of imagination
You to whom all nature is witness of your defiant disbelief in God and accuses you full and frontally
You to whom many riches have been labouringly brought as injustice to smite you
you to whom god is the object of your rage
You to whom the creation has brought nothing but richness and you spit its face back to  your God
Yes, I see all. You have nothing but you love the nothing instead of God.
come to me. come now. come and receive the lap of your Mother.
I care for all my children. I love them as I love you.
                                                                        END OF MESSAGE.
OUR LADY NOW DEPARTS ASCENDING INTO HEAVEN in vision as she becomes more distant. she turns, waves in acknowledgement & just smiles.
 Her smile is so strong I feel it even though Our Lady is gone.
St Michael is still here. He is dressed in roman gear with his sword pointing down and with the tip just above the surface of the ground. A thunder is heard as he speaks once more.
ST MICHAEL. This is the last call. The vengeance of an angry God will wipe the earth of sin. Who can withstand the annhilation without seeking help from me, from my Father in Heaven, from my Lord Jesus christ & His holy Mother. Who can be saved for Heaven without Heaven's willing it. None. Be still and at peace as the thunder is rolling towards the earth. no man can stop it. Hear its approach. (ie every man will hear its aproach)
St Michael now raises his sword with both hands. stars come out of it like flashes - sparks. lightning.
ST MICHAEL thunders  "Who will come unto God!" ( a 5 sec. pause) St Michael's face is a portrait of fury. The sword is lowering. it strikes the ground. I hear loud explosions as the earth cracks and falls apart.
St michael is telling me not to look , so I turn to him and gaze at his face. there is a steady boom, flashes, lightning, were I not looking on St Michaels face I would begin to panic. He keeps me in peace.
St M.   It is all over now Charles. the world has been reborn. He tells me to say that this will take place in the future.
St Michael smiles, turns and as he moves into the distance he ascends to heaven into what looks like a cloud but at the centre it is bright white light.
                                                                              END OF MESSAGE.
Glory be to God. in his angels and in his saints.
We thank you as our hearts are conquered by love of you. AMEN.
9.45. Let all of us. all of creation love. praise and extol God in all his Infinite attribute.
A decade of the Rosary was then recited for the Salvation of all souls. All of Heaven seemed to at least be a witness if not joined to the recitation of this rosary. As the "& do thou Oh Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell satan and all the...." was being recited a quiet hush seemed to come over them. ie. those in the front by whose presence the rest were blocked from view