My short Stories

Selected Poems.

charlie dimech

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The Fall
not a blade of grass dies
that isnt reborn
in heaven
beyond the skies
 not a bird in the air
without darwin
and his theory
bringing tears to its eyes
not of joy
not of anger
but of what it says
of mankind to his maker
theres not an animal
on the land
that hasnt been made
without Gods hand
theres not a mountain
nor a glade
that wasnt made
wasnt made.
dawns on a forgery
and it is gone
the tower made by a glassblower
reached to the edge of the clouds
rolling along  in mystical mounds
...follow the glass stairs
through misty climb...
to the chime
of ancestral clock
striking its demise
with insistent knock
a pearl
was found
in the city
wave patterns
on my brain.
oh love
thou lingerest in the far corners of the earth
to escape my vanity
while yet  mariners of the circumference of the globe
with their journey entrenched in their imagination
sail  the seas
like an albatross in flight
the middle east is melted down
a soothsayers is heard to frown
recrystalize and tantalize the secret vault
remember mankind
before the revolt
ah tis a noble fault.
come in to the olive grove
he proclaims
meet the clouds of rising dust
a butterfly
emerges from a silk cocoon.
drown in the sunset
the call of a bird
going  through the soul
like through a hole
a stone unmoved
as  it alights
in the vibrancy of its tone
swimming the rising clouds of dust
cross on nearby chapel
stainless steel
mirroring sunsets dapple
silence-backgrounded wafflings
as cockatoos give a toast
to dreamlike twilight
silent lightning in the sky
lights upon dancing horses
without pain
in fields of blue bell campanula
red sky fades into night.
time is mortal
so is the wound
join  the sands washed
on the bosum of nearby shore
as faint starlight
long awaited peace