My short Stories

Selected poems

charlie dimech

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A towering church cupola
lit up red by the fading sun
the banding walls
make you safe secure
once the gate is shut
and the feast of silence
ecstasy prepares us for
is in your folklore
and yet goes on
forever more
Isabelle Allende
survived her hell
and is here i say
this day
to tell
and weild a binding spell
short stories
full of glories
grace the page
from bye gone age
and liberate the heart and mind
from their eaethly toil and grind
long lost lovers who are pined
in the pages you will find
and gentlemen in public spent
by a foe whos hell bent
little boys adventures sublime
reading wild stories iin their prime
little girls their hearts thrill
when romance in the forests still
beckon lovers who say they will
now of glories in days gone by
we hear the echo still tonigh
the man upstairs
says he saw a UFO
oh no
how could it be so
dont you know
yes the man upstairs saw a ufo
his party were very slow
he got very close
the others hid
they shivered
he boldly stood staring
he stood there daring
he blinded
just as to be reminded
that he ran across
an intelligence whose boss
lucky it wasnt a permanent loss.
there was a man hidden
in the mantle of eternity
the worlds treasures he could not see
not worldly entertainments for you and for me
just the heavens mystically
a heart adamantly free
and a love of the country
an IQ too high to see
he had a mental clarity
rare for the likes of we
must we understand his step
no but him we must accept
as a local prodigy
in less than a second
it takes sunset
to beauty portray
during that second
my soul is rescued
from the evil day
The Ten Commandments
I am
same goes for mum and dad
every mans your brother
every woman too
don't theive
dont lie
be happy with your lot
and with what youve got