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Selected Poems

charlie dimech

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felt for rain
in the automn sunshine
and selected
a large dam
in winter
to beside recline
and come the summer showers
was found
picking wild flowers
and in the days
and the clime
in the shadows
of springtime
she was found
all for rhyme
beside a spring
sipping lime
it never rains
in the desert
she decried west of alice
oh no said aborigine
not in spring ding-a-ling
she declined
his invitation
to go out on a sheep station
and feel the wool
and feel the wool worth
and all because it doesn't durth
ever rain
in the spring on the plain
west north east or south
of the Alice and thereabouts
it never rains
when the moon is full she said
to her parents in groves of the dead
it always in apple blossum climes
seeks to shine on all mankind
in clear nights
which it lights
and never is ever there a
and yet it stops
upon and tops
every living thing and song
in the apple blossum clime
in the morning
all the time
and yet to rhyme
it simply hasnt got the time
to simply rain
and fill my mind
with a space
an anodyne
a repose from the grind - oh my mind
take a shower
or a bath
take a swim
lets laugh
sit beside
a billabong
listen to
the eucalypts song
I heard on the smile
of an old mans knowing lips
in the throng
its ever present
and anon
just then I heard the thunder
as clouds were torn apart asunder
and lightning split the darkness under
trees which fell
and split downunder
and rain fell and filled the canon-dra
the birds were silent as it fell
and nothing was heard above the knell
and the town flooded and
went to hell.