My short Stories

Selected poems

charlie dimech

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whither do thou ships go
from across the mediteranean thy people came
to find a home inside the island fortress
they found favour with our Saviour
and His gentle mother
but whither do our ships go
other shores now claim her sons
host to all nations
finds hosts among all nations
whilst its ships in foreign ports
enter, free of duty
its sons in foreign lands
are duty bound
to common mankind
for which malta stands
I've seen the starry-eyed cat
Perhaps its light
Will beckon me
To a serene place
Where hills merge
And birds till the fields
Perhaps its furry paws
Will accompany my walk
In fields of green amidst the slopes
all dotted with stars.
The shadow of the secret is with me now
I hold it dear
I hold it close
And linen closets
Close upon the necked shirts
And wolves cry
A solitary howl
Letting the day know
Its shadow passes
And swiftly sages
resume the night
The shadow
Of the sundressed mountains
Blinking in and out of perfection
Cry a little sigh
As the winged soul takes flight. 2.47pm
Under intense pressure
and in intense pain
the maid from orleans
succombed to the flames
the king of the island
over the bloody sea
saw the ending of her life
as he looked upon the thames.
joan of arc
the muddy waters claimed
joan of arc
died to day
amidst the flames
is that my fault
yelled the king
from his towering vault
the army doesnt control me
and nor do I the same
but you belong
in royal robes
and not in arguments of this
so how come you talk to me
and consider it a bliss
I am after all
a muddiness of mind
replied the royal king
and you as you flow by appear to me as blind
Its not I but your conscience
replied the incessant flow
that talks to you
and this you ought to know
joan of arc
joan of arc
replied the inflamed king
what have we to do with you
what have I to know
there was no answer
there was no answer
in the stillness of the mud
there silence reigned as lord
and there silence grow.
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