My Short Stories

The Microchip.


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This is the problem!

The, what do we call it now? The Deep State - plans, and these plans are far advanced, to microchip you.

As if that wasn't bad enough, they plan to use that microchip to not only enslave, but destroy your soul, your very essence, what and who you are.

In other words, your personality.

How will they do this?

Although all their works are shrouded in multiple and then some, layers of secrecy, it uses knowledge of the human body - soul connection,not available to the general public.

The pineal gland figures prominently in their black magic which is really, and I'll give it a new term, - Black Science, for that is what it is. It goes beyond the black arts as we have come to perceive, though only fleetingly and through a veil and co opts the field of science, biology, chemistry and biochemistry and electrochemistry, electrobiology all in secret , all with immorally obtained money, which belongs to the general population, which they intend to turn into, not only zombies but to turn into devils.

And they can do it.

Make no mistake.

It only waits for the right opportunity to introduce it

They want to and will try to mandate it, just as they have done for their horror vaccines, also from the pit of hell.

Are we going to let them?

The choice is yours.