My short Stories

The Psychiatrist.

charlie dimech

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Chapter 11.
Everyone was jubilant. Old fears, anxieties that sprung from sources that could never be identified, disappeared. You could see the rate of change in the social and economic life of the world. Things just happened, naturally unfolded. and the speed and pace was a result of the inner desire for this to happen in the world. Pent up longings that spanned the decades... that spanned time itself.
And yet there were isolated cases, like moulds in the corner, where this didn't happen. The psychiatrist was concerned about this. He was perplexed, and he discussed it with the botanist.
The botanist in his turn related a story which he thought might put the psychiatrist at ease ....
"It was a dusty road in a dusty desert. Clouds filled the sky and darkened the landscape. A heaviness of rain was in the air and seconds not minutes seemed to separate the dust from becoming mud and a road a bog. The air was pierced with the sound of thunder. It cracked like a whip and appeared to do as much by the lashes of lightning that pierced the sky.
The men, there were six, seven had been left behind, were still three miles out from the town, the high walls of which they could now make out as an even darker line in the distance. the town which lent its name to the inhabitants of all the land around about was called Jerusalem.If they hurried these men who were Jews might make a tree by the side of the road. It was two hundred yards further on. this might afford some shelter, but Jesus was not disturbed. he walked on casually and silently. the others followed, enraptured by his peace,light and dignity in the midst of the oncoming storm. It had been a long journey. they had come from Emmanus, their feet covered in dust in the sandals they wore, and their lower tunic also, except for Christs. His tunic never seemed to get dirty.
Jesus. "Praise God for that tree."
Peter. "Yes master, it does seem a blessing at this time."
They made the tree with a few minutes to spare. However water still dripped through and they were not entirely dry. the ground was slightly elevated where they stood and this was a relief, for it meant the water ran away from the spot on which they were standing....."
Go foreward 2000 years.
"The little boy and the teenager who were with them, together in thought as well with the 8 adults succeeded in boarding the train but were no longer concious when it arrived in Scrapon. They had fallen asleep on the soft crates. refreshed and with stomachs full they were seen by the unloading crew but were released and given the keys to the city so to speak.For Albert that was romance but for the others a walk of several hours on the streets until a shelter took them in for the night. Eventually two found jobs and the rest moved on by train and at night...."
"And so Jesus entered Jerusalem, and this was to be the prologue to the 'root and the offspring of Jesse' being hailed as a Redeemer and crucified by the same crowd in the space of a week."