My short Stories

The Psychiatrist

charlie dimech

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Chapter 8.
I took a job with a private detective agency in New York and attained a birds eye view, so to speak of life in middle and lower America. ie on the monetary scale.
I was about to retire for the night and I heard the sound of a trumpet playing next door. It sounded like tiredness easing out from the bones as one takes his rest,
then childrens voices, calling to the trumpeter. His playing hit higher notes, still restful however, still soulful.
Again, I was awoken by music. This time it ws a natural sound, birdsong, telling me, telling the world, that everything was OK, just let be, let be.
New york was in the grip. It was the coldest day on record. The birds still sang. They must be inside a building which is airconditioned, nothing could sing in this weather. They were, but it was too late for I told you so's, the optimism had caught on.
Her name was Judy Neilson. She had murdered her husband. Life insurance was holding her up although the verdict was no foul play. He had suffered a heart attack.
She had poisoned him using a traceable substance. She was unaware that she could have used a non traceable substance that breaks down in the body.
He had bashed her for twenty years. I accepted this after several hours of conversations.
America was also subject to state violence, not just historically against minorities.
I walked the corridors of the poor and the middle class. they too were subject to state violence.
Why didn'y Hollywood make a movie about this side of America?
Many "B" grade movies that never saw the light of day were about this side of America and the world. Perhaps thats why they were labelled "B" grade, It was controlled.
Conform, be popular, that keeps people in order and prevents independent thought from taking over the minds of the youth, the public at large and the gifted, who could make a difference, social minded peole who could form movements, and political aspirants who sought public office at the various levels of government.
Kennedy was one, and he only got there because he was supposed to be part of the clan. But that was by birth, not by desire.
One person in six in the USA is in some way actively involved in the lodge, Freemasons Lodge.
How creepy, how scary can a country get.
Read on.
Fraternities, all masonic
Congress, dominated by masons.
high court, in the majority for 40 years, since 1946.
Separation of church and state. banning of religion in state schools. Legalization of abortion. KKK corruption. Drugs. Witchcraft.Explicit sexual and violence themes running through the media. Promotion of homosexuality. An attack on family values. All masonic. All the devils work. All in the name of Lucifer.
International relations. Vietnam a prime example. Nicaragua, grenada, south America, add your own to the list.. All foreign relations is dominated by the masonic element in the corridors of power and their underlings.Nixon ended the Vietnam war. he was impeached.Public opinion had no real role except it was whipped up, carefully controlled, timed and executed mass hysteria. The freemasons are old pros. Witness the American Revolution. Did it need to be a bloody war? The Russian Revolution, the French Revolution which wiped out the catholic clergy in France, the American Civil War, The Battle of waterloo, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the "cold" war, I don't remember the American public voting for that one. The Great Depression.
It is a crisis matrix. It keeps them  in control.
Will it go on?
If freemasonry goes on then revelation must follow it into the deepest pit and the darkest seance room. Into the very lodge itself, that bastian of human hatred, its satanic worship and its weaknesses, yes, its weaknesses are the absence of the pillars of truth, the strength of all civilizations. Replaced with a grey quicksand that oozes and eases its way into every facet of life and whose stench rises to the very heavens to pollute the whole earth.