My short Stories

The Psychiatrist.

charlie dimech

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Chapter 3.
The psychiatrist continued his practise after gaining recognition from the Australian Medical Board.
I bought a small cabin boat and went fishing.
I found an abandoned house set back from the river. It was nestled between an overhanging cliff where a spring ran down forming a waterfall which fed a crystal clear freshwater pool near the house.
The surrounding bush consisted of eucapyptus trees, blue gums, stringy bark - which opened onto a clearing of about an acre of grass which did not appear to grow higher than a well kept lawn, probably because of the shade. This surrounded the house and at the base of the cliff which was semi circular and in imitation of it there sprung up three giant waratahs at least 12 feet into the air whose crowning flowers were fully a foot across and then some.
The house consisted of a weatherboard clad galvanized iron roof  with front and rear verandahs.The roof over the verandahs was supported by elegant hand carved wooden posts. Inside, the main room occupied half the house and the other half consisted of two bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom.
A track, the one I had discovered, led to the waters edge, a distance of about 200 metres. There an old station wagon stood awaiting the owners arrival. The tyres were all flat and the rooftop 3 gal. drum leaked out its fuel long ago through rust holes. The outside gravity feed fuel line over the windscreen to the engine below, brown and cracked by the heat of the sun.
A Lufthansa ticket one way dated April 3 1993 to Onslo via Berlin still sat in a plastic pouch on the passenger seat.
I installed a hydro-powered elecric system using the waterfall  with the help of Rainbow Technologies and grew accustomed to visiting the psychiatrist each Wednesdsay. When he was sure we wouldn't both be arrested for trespassing, he visited me on the river, by which time I had cleaned the place up and planted a vegetable garden.
There were several houses dotted along this shoreline. All very isolated and for the most part they appeared only to be reachable by boat. I never noticed anyone except occasionally while passing on the river.
I never read, just listened. I read nature's books and my own calculations.I went out and found at the pound in Sydney an abandoned german shepherd dog who was due to be put down that week. I also began feeding wild ducks, so that they came on time at ten each morning. The dog listened to my commands not to chase them. I was most impressed.
I met her on Sydney harbour where I went fishing occasionally. She was sailing and almost collided with my boat. I followed her back to the marina after a couple of hours and walked up to her and asked her to join me if she could for dinner in the marina cafe.
I met her on weekends never telling her where I lived for three months until she asked to go home with me.
She became the helper and the place functioned a lot better.
I had the verandah, both front and back decorated with coloured lights.
A case of champagne saw the night drift into orange as the flaming sun set on the hills surrounding the river.
All left with a piece of wedding cake the next day at around 2pm after a brief stroll around the surrounding bush.
All that is except Anita and myself.
I began smoking fish .This was done in a toolshed which might have been erected before the house was built and served as a live in hut during its construction. It seemed to have no other purpose.
We soon erected a no trespassing sign at the edge of the clearing. bushwalkers were starting to come close, probably attracted by the smoke.
Gosford Council paid us a visit and said we were trespassers but could't prove it, and since we weren't the real owners we couldn't be forced to pay taxes either. These weren't much in Australia . They served simply as part of the funds for the local council expenditures.
We often sailed up as far as Gosford. We disliked the sprawling suburbs of Gosford but the surrounding towns were a quaint and as off beat as you are likely to find anywhere.
There were two forces at work in America in particular. The secret force  which used money and power to recruit people whose ultimate aim of universal aetheism ie as in the denial of God, control, repression and ultimately the destruction of mankind, go figure.. this force was known or should I say unknown except in name only, in society as Freemasonry and the Zionist political control which enabled it, supported it and according to some even controlled it.The devil worshipping high priests of this religion had assumed such great power by the above means that they were virtually untouchable as their activities were cloaked in secrecy. They controlled the courts, the police and virtually every institution financial, educational, political and cultural, including the hierarchy and many followers of the christian religions.
The force opposed to this was universal brotherhood. that inate spiritual dimension which unites all men of good will.
How these two systems survive is a mystery. One or possibly both should die in an orgasmic cataclysm. But each has its own territory and in that it is blindly co existant. When their paths cross, and not just their causes, it is battle to the death or so it seems, but maybe at the spiritual level. In our case it was flee and regain the initiative to fight another day.
This was what the psychiatrist was working on now.
We knew the secret of Kennedy's death. Their paths had crossed, and many others.
The psychiatrist took the words of Abraham Lincoln as his mission.
"Let the people know the facts and the country will be saved."
Now the historical dimension.
"Annuit Coeptis Novus Seclorum" on the one dollar bill "Announcing the arrival of a new [secret] order of this age."
"666"  modern Arabic  is equal to 1110 Babylonian. Also the number at the base of the pyramid of the one dollar bill 1776 is 1110 Babylonian. Add two plus two.
By 1815 the House of Rothschild (Illuminati) seized control of the British economy, the Bank of England and the City (London). this square mile, the richest on earth is independent of the British government. In fact it tells it what to do. This also brought control of other European nations, through their other branches.
The International Bankers, prosperous merchants and the British Aristocracy who were part of "the city" machine accumulated vast fortunes which they lavishly squandered in their pursuit of prestige and standing in British society. The majority of the British people were barely able to make ends meet because of it.
Roland G Usher (Pan-Germanism 1993) said "The London and Paris bankers (international bankers) control the available resourses of the world at any one moment and can therefore practically permit or prevent the undertaking of an enterprise requiring the use of more than $100 million actual value."
When governments can't repay loans International Bankers don't lose for they have a way out, war. They are trying to foment a war now by making Putin out to be a demi-god, just as they did with Hitler, after financing him to the hilt and forcing him into war for their own ends.
They will put enormous pressure on him to perform up to their own expectations ie to start a war. This is already happening and it is emanating from the United States ( from whence the Russian Communist regime  was planned and initiated- it was named in England.)
This is the third world war, planned two centuries ago along with both previous world wars and every other modern  major catastrophe of human conduct, both prior and post.
Financing both sides the International bankers reap huge at the cost of the destruction of civilization itself, which is also their aim, remember they are devil worshippers and they must follow his instructions.
In order to establish the house of Rothschild as the "Invisible rulers" (Benjamin Disraeli) of all Europe they had to create two groupings of power of almost equal strength. The destruction of war leads to reconstruction and this again leads to massive profits, as they finance it. No one else has the money. They are the only ones who profit from war.
Senator Aldrich Warburg and others drew up the monetary legislation the "club" wanted and Aldrich presented the plan to Congress. congress suspected Aldrich of his banking connections and didn't pass it at first but under another name it was submitted and the "Federal Reserve" which is the federal governments tax money passed into the  private hands of the bankers in 1913.
The Federal Reserve has never received any auditing from an independant source.Private banks within the federal membership choose 2/3 of the directors of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks.
The only ones who benefit from the Federal Reserve system are not the American people, just the International Bankers.
By controlling the nations money supply in this way and interest rates they control its economic life. The crash and the depression was planned and orchestrated by them, both the current and 1930s one.It was their handiwork. They profited to an enormous degree by it...does the word 'bailout" mean anything to you. You can be sure it means a lot to them.
Did you know 7 million Americans died of starvation during the Great Depression? If you did maybe it would change your outlook on the current one.
They have the right to create money and inflate at will.
Speaking in the house of Commons Winston Churchill said on Nov 5  1919,
"Lenin was sent into Russia in the same way that you might send a phial containing a culture of typhoid or of cholera to be poured into the water supply of a great city, and it worked with amazing accuracy. No sooner had Lenin arrived that he began beckoning a finger here and a finger there to obscure persons in sheltered retreats in New York, in Glasgow, in Berne, and other countries and he gathered together the leading spirits of a formidible sect, the most formidible sect in the world.[ie this world] With these spirits around him he set to work with demoniacal ability  to tear to pieces every institution on which the Russian state depended. Russia was laid low."
As we know, the war against the communists continued in Russia for thirteen years more. The "white" Russians were finally defeated by the money at the disposal of the reds. It was a heroic struggle and 30 million lay dead. Another 60 million paid the ultimate price under Stalin, but who reported it?
Many american magazine editors and newspaper publishers and editors have attended the two most prestigeous journalism schools (if I told you the whole facts your mind would boggle) in the US. Columbia and Harvard. Presidents of these institutions have been members of CFR. their function, to make sure that students attending classes learn what the CFR wants them to learn, so that they can in turn teach the American public, through their particular form of media what the CFR wants.
The New York Times editor John Swinton once said "there is no such thing as an independent press in America, if we except that of small towns." ....even that has now changed.
George Bushs membership in a secret society should have evoked numerous questions....but it didn't.
By March of 1945 the Japanese Government unconditionally surrendered. Japanese High Command sent communications to the American Embassy in Moscow, to the Russian Embassy in Tokyo and directly to the Pentagon in Washington, but Washington ignored the offer. Later american authorities said they had difficulty in interpreting the Japanese message. Amazing! They were able to break the 'Blue and Purple' (diplomatic and naval) codes but they couldn't read ordinary Japanese.
Why did they do this?
These people control the world and this is only the tip of the iceberg.. The International Bankers planned to get rid of the old archaic cities of Japan by having the US level them, and they did, and the US taxpayer paid the bill for this invisible governments destruction of Japanese cities and who did they pay it to,  the International Bankers.
Freemasonry is the vehicle of the New World Order which seeks to destroy Christianity. It controls all world organizations and media included, and you are deluded and you do care, dont you?
If you follow the world you are following freemasonry. You are devil worshippers. You are in their grasp.
This is the Psychiatrists research, but it covers much more than this. This is not new. They are well practised at it and they know how gullible you are.
The solution. Pray. "And if the people know the facts, the country can be saved."
Abraham Lincoln.