My short Stories

Atlantis or Earth?


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We reported the event to the RAAF which had a "Special Investigation Bureau" for these events, set up in the wake of their rapid increase beginning just eighteen months previously. We did not mention our dealings with the CSIRO previous to this.
It seemed that the 'UFO's were exerting a pressure of some sort by these continual appearances. They were in the beginning , it was thought, of a conditioning process.
The Air Force itself was clueless, it claimed, and they urged us to secrecy.
A visit from the local police was uneventful.  We did not volunteer any knowledge of anything unusual around the traps, and they left it at that.
Seymour was a regular visitor to our house. He was a bachelor, and although he had a business in the city  he managed to run it smoothly from his farm.
He was in the millinary business,  booming after the resurgence in interest by women in hats both as a fashion accessory and also as a protective  barrier from the increasingly harmful rays of the sun.
His business partner was the hands on  and they had a special rapport after a profitable rival buyout which Seymour had gladly shared with him.
Seymour distrusted politicians, but found in them also a source of endless amusement.
Sitting in our lounge in his favourite chair, handy to the radio he was tuned into  the parliamentary broadcast.
He held a leger on which he had drawn three columns.
The first he reserved for what he believed politicians should do.
The second, what they claimed they would do, and
the third, what they actually did.
Parliament was discussing whether or not they should follow the NSW lead in scrapping the TAB as an abominable government interference in adult recreational activity. It prostituted punting to a pitiful level, for government revenue and since privatization , private monopolistic gain.
Seymour had just entered the abolition in his first column and was awaiting the outcome of the government debate to enter into his second column.
Suddenly the broadcast was stopped for a news flash.
The government of Italy had folded, for the 40th time in as many years.
This was not unusual in itself, but rumors were emerging, and this was reported in the mainstream press,which was unusual in itself, that this was related to an Atlantean presence. Many were suggesting that it had something to do with a resurgent Russia and that they were  using the Atlantean smokescreen as a cover for their ambitions. This theory was promoted widely by the mainstream press. Italian politics was a convoluted arena to begin with so it was difficult to find out what was really going on... the rumors persisted.
Seymour joked that it would not be much longer before  the Atlanteans took over the Australian government
Parliament adjourned the debate on the TAB elimination and replacement bill which would effectively legalize standard practise off-course bookmakers -ie. with the modus operandi of on-course bookmakers, but not SPs. (ie starting price bookmakers)
An urgent Cabinet meeting was called.
It seemed that the news had barely scrached the surface of what was going on and that indeed the government was taking seriously the threat of an Atlantean takeover.
The skies over Canberra  lit up like a Christmas tree.
A UFO had also landed on the front lawn of Parliament House. A door opened. Two men dressed in space suits alighted. They were escorted into the cabinet room.
They had a request for the government to hand over control of the government and hence the nation to the UFO Atlanteans.
Their request was vehemently refused.
Was it really a Russian ruse?
The psychological battle was well under way. We knew we were headed for an eventual showdown which may involve physical attack and life and death struggle with a superior race.they did not want to take us down physically, which gave the government a breathing space.
Pure gold, reduced the effect of the ray weapons they were carrying by attracting and thus disippating the rays away from the body.
Their electromagnetically generated ray as a form of control would be used only as a last resort. The government knew this and put out a call for gold to be worn on every person, but how to do this without collapsing the economy?
I had an idea. Ludicrous as it was, I took it to the government. Desperately seeking any solution and especially one which would be of no consequence if it failed, they listened, and quietly backed my project.


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