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"An Appeal To The Whole World."


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You know that in a well regulated army discipline must be maintained, just as in a household there must be established customs. So in the great family of Jesus Christ there must be law, albeit a law of love. In the order of nature sons are not recognized as such unless they bear their fathers name; so My sons bear the name of Christian given to them at their birth in Baptism. All ye who bear this name are My sons, and as such have a right to your Fathers estate.
I realize that you do not know Me or love Me, but rather detest and persecute Me. On My part, I love you with an infinite tenderness, and I want you to know this heritage which is yours by right, and know also the means to aquire it;
Believe in My love and mercy.
You have sinned against Me; I forgive you.
You have persecuted Me; I love you.
You have wounded Me both by word and deed; still I wish to do you good and to let you share all My treasures.
Do not imagine that I am ignorant of your state of soul. I know that you have despised My grace, perhaps even profaned My Sacraments.
Yet you have from Me a full pardon.
If then you would be happy in this world and at the same time secure your eternal salvation, do as I tell you:
If you are poor, do the work that necessity forces on you with submission, and remember that I, too, lived for thirty years in subjection to the self-same law, for I  was needy and poor.
Do not consider your masters as tyrants. Banish all hatred from your hearts .... Never wish them ill, but further their interests and be faithful to them.
If, however, you possess this worlds goods and employ workers and servants, be fair to them in all your dealings; pay them a just wage, and show them both gentleness and kindness. If you have an immortal soul, so too have they, and if you abound in wealth, it is not for your sole comfort and enjoyment, but that you may administer it wisely and practice charity to your neighbour. Both employer and employed must accept the law of labour with submission, acknowledging a Supreme Being over all created things, who is both your God and your Father.
As God, He demands of you the accomplishment of His divine law.
As your Father, he asks you to accept His commandments in a spirit of filial piety.
Thus, when you have spent a week in the pursuit of work, business or sport, He claims but one half-hour, that you may fulfil your Sunday duty. Is this excessive?
Go then to your Fathers House, where day and night He awaits your coming, and as Sundays and Holidays recur, give Him the homage of this half-hour by assisting at the Mystery of Love and Mercy, that is, Holy Mass.
Tell Him about everything; about your families, your children, your business,your desires .... Lay at His feet your sorrows, difficulties and sufferings .... believe in the interest and love with which He listens to your prayer.
You may perhaps say to Me: 'I have not entered a church for so many years that I have forgotten how to hear Mass!' Do not be afraid on that account .... Come, spend this half-hour with Me; your conscience will tell you what to do, and be docile to its voice .... Open your soul wide to grace, and it will inspire you .... Gradually it will tell you how to act in a given circumstance, how to treat with your family, what to do in regard to your business .... how to bring up your children, love those who depend on you; honour those in authority over you .... It may make you feel that such and such a concern must be given up, such a friendship relinquished, or such a meeting avoided. .... Again, it may tell you that you are hating a certain person quite unreasonably; or it may put it into your mind to sever your connection with some person you feel drawn to and whose advice is doing you harm. Only give grace a chance, and gradually its power will grow stronger in you, for just as evil increases insensibly, once it is given in to, so will each new grace prepare your soul for a still greater one. If today you listen to My voice and let grace act, tomorrow its influence will be stronger and so steadily increase as time goes on; light will grow in your soul, peace will envelope you, and the reward will be eternal bliss.
Man was not created to live forever here below. He was made for eternity .... If then he is immortal, he should live, not for the passing things of time, but for that which will never die.
Youth, wealth, wisdom, human glory, all that is nothing, it will all end with this life; God only will endure forever.
The world is full of hate, races are in perpetual conflict with one another, so are nations, and even individuals, and all this is due to the decay of faith. Only let faith reign once more over the world and peace and charity will return to it.
Faith in no way impedes civilization and progress. The more it is rooted in individuals and peoples, the more wisdom and learning increase, for God is infinite in wisdom and knowledge. But whenever faith is completely lacking, peace, civilization and true progress likewise vanish .... for God is not in war .... and in their place come enmities, clash of opinions, class wars, and within man himself, rebellion of passions against duty. All that is noble in humanity is exchanged for revolt, insubordination and warfare ....
Let yourselves be convinced by faith and you will be great.
Let yourself be ruled by faith, and you will be free; live by faith, and you will escape eternal death."
From      " The Way Of Divine Love."
                 By Sister Josepha Menendez. ( Tan Books.)

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