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"An Appeal To The Whole World."


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He who had preached nothing but love was the victim of hatred .... He who had brought peace to the world was treated most cruelly .... He who came to bring men freedom was imprisoned, bound, ill-used, calumniated, and finally died on a cross between two thieves .... contemned, abandoned, abject and despoiled of everything.
It was thus He surrendered Himself for  mans salvation. It was thus He accomplished the work for which He had voluntarily left His Fathers glory.
Man was sick and wounded, and the Son of God came down to him. He not only restored fallen man to life, but earned for him both strength and power to aquire in this life the treasures of eternal beatitude.
And what was mans response.
Did he, like the grateful servant, offer his ministrations gratis and renounce any other but his Masters interests?....
Let us consider and distinguish .... for there are different ways in which a response has been made by man.
Some have truly known Me, and urged by love, have ardently desired to make an entire sacrifice of themselves to My service, which is that of My father. They begged to be told the greatest thing thy could do for him, and My father answered thus: 'Leave your home, give up your possessions and having surendered self, come, follow Me, and do whatever I tell you.
Others, moved by all that the Son of God had done for their salvation, offered themselves to Him, endeavouring with good will to make a return for His goodness, by working for His interests, but without entire renunciation of their own. To these My father says: 'Observe the law which the Lord your God has given you. Keep His commandments and erring neither right nor left, live in the peace which belongs to faithful servants.'
There are others again who have little understanding of God's great love, yet they have an upright will and live under the law, but without love. These servants have not volunteered to carry out all God's orders .... yet a slight indication of His Will is often enough to enlist their service, since they are men of good will.
There are yet others who submit to their God, not so much through love as through self-interest, and only fulfil the law as far as  is necessary to ensure their salvation.
Yet, do all men offer to God their service? Are there any who through ignorance of the great love of which they are the object, make no response to all that the Son of God has suffered for them?
Alas! .... there are many who know and despise it .... but a far greater number are entirely ignorant of it ....
For each of these Jesus has a word of love:
I will speak in the first place to those who do not know me:
My sons, who from infancy have lived apart from your Father, come, I will tell you why you do not know me .... for once you realize the afffection I bear you, you will not resist My love.
It is often the case that those brought up far from their parents have little afffection for them; but when by chance the sweet love of father or mother is manifested to them, there awakens a keener appreciation of this warm devotion than is found in those who have never left home.
To you, who not only do not love, but hate and persecute Me, I say: 'Why this hatred? .... What have I done to deserve persecution at your hands? ....
There are many who have never asked themselves this question. Today when I ask it, they will perhaps say  'We do not know.' behold, I will answer for you:
'If from childhood you have never known Me, it is because no one has ever taught you about Me; and as you grew up, nature also was developing in you love of pleasure and enjoyment, a longing for wealth and freedom. Then came the day when you first heard of Me, and how to live according to My will; that to do so you must love and bear with your neighbour, respect his rights and his goods and gain a mastery of your own nature, in a word, live subject to a law. Hitherto, subject to your own natural inclinations, if not to your passions, not knowing even of what law there was question, to you I say, is it to be wondered at that you should protest, should wish to enjoy life, to be free, and to be a law unto yourself?
In this lies the beginning of your hatred and persecution of Me. But I your Father, love you, and even as I see your blind revolt, My Heart is filled with tenderness for you.
So the years in which you led this life sped by, and they were, perhaps, many ....
Today I can no longer restrain My love for you, and the sight of you at war with your best friend compels Me to enlighten  you as to who I am.
Dearly beloved son, I am Jesus, which name signifies Saviour!  Why else are my hands transfixed with nails which fasten them to a cross? On it, for love of you, I died. My feet are wounded, My Heart wide open, riven by the lance after death .... thus do I stand before you that you may know who I am and what my law is. But do not fear - My law is one of love .... and in knowing Me you will find peace and joy. It is sad to live as an orphan; come, My sons, come to your Father.
I am your God and your Father, your Creator and your Saviour.

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