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It may mean "so may it be" but does it belong at the end of every prayer?

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When we pray we express our hearts and minds to God.
If we pray thus, does an Amen add or detract from our prayer?  Maybe we are simply saying Amen because we are taught to and this prevents us praying as we ought.
Some say amen  was slipped in by the enemy of God and is really an invocation to the demon god of Egypt Ahmon.
Whatever the case, the prayers that are given to us through private revelation from Jesus and Mary do not contain "Amen"  - such as the prayers on the Red and Green Scapulars or how about this
"Oh my Jesus
forgive us our sins
save us from the fires of hell
and lead all souls to heaven
especially those who most need thy mercy."
The Mercy Chaplet or Chaplet of Divine Mercy is also a case in point.. as is every prayer I can recall being given through private revelation to the saints and seers of the church.
If I am right in this suggestion, why has not Our Saviour and His Blessed Mother not spoken out against it.
The answer lies in the fact that as human beings we have free will which is sacrsanct to God. It would be like saying why does God allow illness, starvation, abortion etc
Also it would offend many people to be told this.
Many seers have prayed the Rosary with Our Lady. It would be interesting to ask them whether or not Our Lady used the word Amen at the end of these prayers.
that would, I think settle it once and for all.
For my own part, my own prayer life has come alive by omitting it and the words of the prayers have taken on a new intensity, indeed have aquired the very meaning that the "Amen" was supposed to impart,  which was "so may it be!"

"Amen, I say to you...."
Jesus, in the New testament.. but note, He is not praying here!