My Short Stories

"All power is given to me in heaven and on earth" - Jesus.

Matthew 28. 18.

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This is the text we should keep in mind. 

The antichrist has no power over souls when he comes out of the closet unless you surrender it by your own will. 

Death is infinitely preferable to this. Its not even really a question.

Not a sideline or byline. Its a physical and spiritual fact.

But we must be attuned to and ready for the deception when it comes.

It is already here but in first gear only.

Some have woken up to it but many more will wake up when the deception becomes more prominent and a much greater danger to their physical and mental well being.

In this they will be aided according to prophecy, by global signs and miracles , not those of the antichrist, mere illusion, but of divine origin. May we be well able to discern the miracles and global events sent by God to save and not by the devil to damn us to the loss of soul.

May you read the bible...listening to the voice which will echo clearly in your soul like a clarion call as you read. May you keep it with you for assurance and may you thus enter into a relationship with God through this means, recognizing his spirit guiding consoling and healing your spirit, your mind and your body, in its pages, alleluia.

For the gospels of Christ are the word. Plain as the nose on your face.

They are the words of life.