My Short Stories

An Analysis of the Reasons for the Surveillance.


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You should not feel sorry for the spy agencies. It is all done by computer.

Key words are sifted, profiles drawn up, lists made, again by computer.

This is where it gets interesting.

Persons of interest are monitored and tracked.

They are stalked.

Measures are undertaken based on assessed risk - damage control.

But this is just the first stage of the surveillance state.

Internment camps are activated.

The purpose is re-education.

Disarmament is begun.

Resistors are killed.

Torture is carried out.... on television.

To frighten the polulace into compliance.

A darkness descends on the streets.

Fear in the homes, where you know you are watched and listened to.

The economy crumbles, deliberately brought about.

Those who can still think are herded into the internment camps.

Others commit suicide.

Welcome to hollywood.

The nightmare becomes the reality.

"We are the hollow men

We are the stuffed men,

Leaning together like bags of straw."

Stated the poet - contemporary of Orwell and Wells.

God is outlawed.

Freedom evaporated.

An oath of allegiance to the new state is required.

A microchip completes your subordination and the eternal destruction of your soul.

Guillotines are in place.

Those who refuse the microchip are guillotined.

The dead survive, the living die.

This then is the end result of surveillance.

This is what Snowden was exposing.

This is why they want him dead.