My Short Stories

Less Talk - More Action.

.... sound of trumpet.

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For a long time talk in the alternative media has been a symptom of panic and quiet desperation.

Society has not mustered the spiritual power to defeat the satanists,

devolving into talk, covering more and more symptoms of enslavement, at a faster  rate, and with a sinking sense of unease.

We must fight with every ounce of strength, spiritually,  not violently - losing all control.

It demands a lot of risk, courage, and grace, from God without whom we are destroyed.

We must seek his protection at every moment, ask to be covered by his grace as we see out the storm exploding all around us, above us and beneath us.

Keep in contact with those and that which we rely upon, but it is imperative to put these in perspective,not relying too much on anything but ourselves. We must take charge of our own lives esp. in the context of avoiding being sucked in to an Orwellian nightmare, regardless of cost.

The talk becomes less, but more powerful, our thought processes more involved in our survival based on the current situation and future outlook and we are ready to respond.

We cannot worry about those who do not want to be helped, but we must care and be concerned for those we can, especially family members.

Having done all the above we must believe in God's care and his providing that which we lack and remember God does help those who help themselves to the best of their ability... and he will do this to the best of his ability so we should not fear. His power and his commitment are omnipotent.