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JFK - Is There a Legacy?

.....together with JFK and MLK.

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The purpose of assassinations and their coverup and ensuing controversy is to divert attention from any ongoing legacy which might have ensued. 

The aim is to not only do away with the man but the agenda, and the ongoing controversy over his death does just that, so it plays right in to the asssasins hands.

One can imagine them in dark corners somewhere lighting little fires of new evidence which suggests JFK's assasination may have been a conspiracy. 

I must admit I am guilty of falling into this trap and to this day have never made a study of JFK's period in the White house.

Had I done so I would have discovered that everything he fought against, which got him killed are the very things we fight against today.

The same issues, the same agendas which haunt us today are a legacy of not talking about them in relation to JFK's battles in the early 60's.

 Had we done so our position would have been greatly strengthened, far more lucid and more easily communicated to the world.

One fact hampering this discovery was the secrecy with which the JFK period has been enshrouded. Much has been covered up, the evidence destroyed and the media compliant.

Regardless, much emerges to satisfy our curiosity at least and to fuel our own investigation.

Don Maclean's, "American Pie", a 22 minute epic, unmatched before or since for length with the exception of "Alice's Restaurant" by Arlo Guthrie , the son of Woody Guthrie, the pioneer American balladere, itself an anti war song for the 60's Vietnam protestors, never revealed the name of Miss American Pie. It was Jackie Kennedy.

If she was Miss American Pie, what then her husband?

What his wish for the world?

And what were his plans for the USA?

In short, why was he cut down?

If we go into this, and we cannot leave out Bobby, his brother, and Bobby's own intended legacy for the USA we will have a charter for a New American Century quite different from the one that has been thrust upon us through their intentional demise.

We would have a charter for the whole world in fact. One which we could all live with, which we all aspire to and which resembles almost identically our own common goals and aspirations.

This we can gleen even from the little we do know from the generally available knowledge of his time in office.

When I refer to his Hitler list, it is to this leaders peacetime activities, which Kennedy was aware of no doubt, taking Germany from bankruptcy to immense wealth, even in the short time availed him before the outbreak of hostilities. One can only imagine the end result ten, twenty, thirty years down the track and beyond. 

This is what Kennedy tried to emulate before he was brutally murdered by those who would, and have so far suceeded, in depriving Americans of that great prosperity.

Then there is the global peace initiative he begun in co-operation with Kruschev of the Soviet Union, which would have resulted in the elimination of all nuclear weapons from the face of the earth.

The attempt to stop Israel aquiring them, and her influence on American foreign, and we now know domestic policy, which influence is snake venom.
This influence has since grown to total control, which means America and the world is fatally poisoned.
Nice work if you can get it - and you like that sort of thing.

The attempt to halt the drug trade and the infamous Vietnam War in support of it, which led him to the conclusion that the CIA had to be completey dismantled to the point that it could never again reform;- hence his 1000 pieces remark, scattered to the four corners of the globe.

His attempt to bring the black budget  hidden technologies out from their secret locations, often underground locations, for the benefit of the whole world, and not kept hidden from mankind by those gouls with pretensions to world domination.

Oh yes, we have the beginnings, but only the beginnings of a reason for the snake to strike, and strike hard.

Kennedy not only knew, but unlike todays politicians, wanted what the world needed for its peace, prosperity, well being and advancement.

Had he remained in office, and not been cut down, the world would have achieved all of the above, including the elimination of poverty and most disease.

This is the legacy of his short time in office cut down so cruelly by the den of vipers.

That is why the whole world mourned his loss, not just the Unites States, and included in that, Kruschev himself.

But the best way to remember his legacy is to pursue the very same goals he did, and so that his martyrdom and that of his brother, Bobby, were not in vain.

And lest we forget the outcome for African Americans would also have been much different had these three musketeers been allowed to live and work together. Instead of drugs and crime and poverty they would have been allowed to embrace true equality of opportunity in a peaceful and bountiful world, and  this they still await.