My Short Stories

Obama - The Cosmic Joke.

.........a manchurian candidate.

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I'm not sure about the rest of the world esp. the English speaking world, but in Australia we have a term for fake - not quite right. we call it "Mickey Mouse."
As in a Mickey Mouse watch, a watch that is a fake brand or doesn't keep time right, etc.

Hence Obama's birth certificate would be called Mickey Mouse. 
His attendance at Columbia University would be called Mickey Mouse and thus his graduation etc.

How ironic that he actually looks like Mickey Mouse. Is this some kind of cosmic joke?

Everything about him is fake, but he is not quite the evil genius that would be required to pull off such a monumental swindle....he is in fact a "manchurian candidate" and as such one wonders what he really can or does know, and how his brain actually works. 
Speaking of which those scars on his head tell much of the yet unknown story.
 Just as George Bush before him was completely clueless about his own presidency, another Manchurian Candidate, Obama occupies the highest office in the land with nothing to qualify him but the cuckoo syndrome. Cuckoos also have lofty abodes being a species of bird.

Like his immediate predecessor the election was a fake, the presidency is a fake, his background history, even his name is fake and we are left to conclude that those who voted for him are also fake, scary as that may sound, it is the only obvious conclusion. He is a product of their intention.

There is no substance, so again, scary as it may sound, we are left to conclude that they voted soley for style. 
They actually found him and still find him, his style at least, appealing. 
His only appeal so far as I can fathom is the innocence associated with his cluelessness. Thus the only thing they have to base their decision  and hence vote on is his very unsuitability for office, by virtue of this 'appealing' cluelessness. How ironic. Here we delve into the realm of mass hypnosis.
A world of opposites. Disneyland if you will, where the hero is a Mickey Mouse figure.
In his first election how ironic too that he went up against an El Macfud cartoon character in the person of John M'cain.

The mind boggles at the reality of this unreal charade.

Of course none of this would have been possible without advances in mind control technology about which we know nothing. Black ops or black arts, it makes no difference.
Whilst they have laboured to separate us from our spiritual side they have laboured to combine the spiritual and the scientific in their devilish NWO plans, combining new technologies with ancient knowledge of the black arts to produce things such as a 'president.'; such holograms passed off as real to this hypnotized society as planes passing through steel and glass walls to become in the next frame, invisible on the other side, and now a multiplicity of mass murder hoaxes to test our vulnerability and plan even greater and more far reaching hoaxes all with the intent of herding us into their Orwellian dream. A nightmare for the rest of us.

Meanwhile they rehearse continually for Martial Law, house to house searches, gun confiscation and executions, continually sifting and sorting the willing from the unwilling in their dastardly schemes and propping up those that  "qualify" under their dark criteria with the right mind altering mood altering and obedience instilling drugs and other brainwashing techniques.

Welcome to the world of deep darkness as even Dante in his "Inferno" could not have imagined it.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.