My Short Stories

The Fragility of Mankind


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Human flesh is fragile, as is the mind. It doesn't take much to destroy either.

Man is like a bird, easily caught in a net.

He is easily fooled, not so much by his fellow human beings but by the powers in the high places.

 He owes his existence not so much to any inherent qualities or talents but to an act of Divine grace.

His soul has the ability to soar like a bird, but like a bird it can be trapped and caged, with cunning endeavours.

All the more important is it to remain in the truth, for lies have a tendency to snare him. 

Truth is stronger than evil but without the former he is easy prey to the latter.

So important it is then to nourish your soul as well as you body with wholesome, disciplined habits which we would do well to make our rule.

There is less chance then that we can be deceived and more chance that we can escape the prey of the antichrist and his followers.

Thus it is not only desireable, it is imperative SOS.

When we do the above we find our natural God given truth which is imprinted on the soul and thus becomes clear to us and there is no need to fear the deception of the world in which we find ourselves.

We are able to discern lies, injustice, fraud, manipulation, deception of EVERY kind and find our way out of it.

We are protected by the grace of God and His peace. Our life has a firm anchor and meaning, which no worldly action can diminish.

We are loved by God and our human essence despite its fragility is secure.

 We are able by the grace of God to handle the deception and attempts at disruption of our lives at every level by those who exist on another plane but work through corrupt individuals by deception and outright co operation.

It may be a bumpy road. In reality it is, but this becomes our strength rather than our undoing. That is the difference.

We need lovers of truth, thats all, nothing fancy, to change the world by their efforts uniting the truth of their spirit to the common spirit of mankind.