My Short Stories

The Suppression of Energy.


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The Tesla test is the one applied to the development of energy, at the end of a chain, to use the prisoner metaphor. 

Our energy in other words is chained to wires and is completely controlled , measured and sold. 

This was never the case in ancient times where free energy without wires was the norm.

 This Tesla rediscovered at the beginning of last century, only to have this knowledge and its use suppressed to the general public,  but developed to a phenomenal degree by the illuminati for their own use.

Along with this suppression of energy came the suppression of the human soul and the energy of the soul, the real goal.

Here we see the demonic not the human, for the human seeks at all times to advance civilization regardless of cost and effort.

The illuminati therefore are" illumined" by a dark force, indeed a false light, but one which has hijacked the development of civilisation for its own narrow and worthless purposes, amounting to nothing more than suppression of human development concomitant with the suppression of development of the human soul.

 It is this soul energy, which would free mankind from his past chains, which all hell has strived to not only repress and destroy, but to repress and destroy all knowledge and memory of its existence. This it does by suppression of religion, especially the Christian and therein especially the Catholic religion. 

They have and will succeed but only for a short time. it will rise again because it is founded on Christ who died and rose again and therefore can never be defeated, because Christ is God and not merely human. 

Could a mere human save humanity? 

It is a contradiction in terms and this other religions would do well to ponder.

Mankind's free will cannot be abrogated in salvation.

 He must accept it freely. In this free acceptance, based only on sufficient light to enable a free decision without preponderance of truth to sway him, nor the preponderance of evil to do likewise, is why not all are saved. Rather, salvation is a personal choice, despite it being wrought for all and once and for all by Christs death on the cross.

The two, spiritual energy and physical energy are united by our duality in the flesh and the spirit. 

The misuse of one has a duality of consequence, of that there can be no denial. 

The suppression of energy on the globe on the scale we are witnessing is undoubtedly the suppression of the human spirit also on a global scale, not witnessed since the fall of Adam and Eve.

Speaking of boundless energy, have you ever noticed the similarity of gaze between Jeff Rense and Nicholas Tesla? Interesting.