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It was the Jews who brought us the word of God.

Those who call themselves Jews today, but are nothing more than liars  stalking the world stage, precipitating wars and enslaving nations everywhere to poverty and oppression belong rather to the Synagogue of Satan.

There will be a separation, like sheep from goats. 

True jews from wherever they are in the world, in whatever nation they find themselves in will finally accept Christ when he reveals Himself to the world in miraculous and powerful  ways before His Second Coming, in these last days when God gathers His elect from the four corners of the globe.

Christ is the Word and the Word is Christ. Just as we are what we speak.

Then those who have brought us the written word, as a testimony to the power of God in ages past, as a testimony to his dealings with the Jewish people in times gone by, as a testimony to salvation and what is required, will bring one last offering to the world and the church, their conversion. 

It will not be immediate. 

It will be preceded by the conversion of the Christian peoples of the world from their wandering away from the faith and their lost state. 

It will be preceded perhaps also by the conversion of atheists who are good people at heart.

The other religions will then follow Christ as well but they will not accept his Word.

The Synagogue of Satan Jews  are of a different race. 

They existed also at the time of Christ and had manoeuvred themselves into positions of power in the religious cast in Israel.

 They were condemned by Christ as the spawn of Satan and they eventually had him crucified. These people will never accept Christ.

Whatever God does, Satan attempts to undo with regards Christian salvation. 

Hence the fake Jews, the fake religion, ziomasonry, Talmudism, call it what you like, together with the diabolical sense of "chosenness". 

What nonsense that is when they are in rebellion against God.

Christ was a Jew. 

The apostles were Jews. 

The first christians, first church were Jews, but the majority of Jews were prevented from coming into the church by these fake jews who covered up the Resurrection of Christ and issued a warning in his very Crucifixion sans the Resurrection that this was the only result of following his disciples.

It would be wrong from this to assume however that all Jews rejected Christ on account of this. 

The confusion arises from the fact that once converted they no longer regarded themselves as Jews as is the case often today and throughout the ages. 

This despite the modern wave of converts who retain their Jewish identity.

 But some of this movement are just a little odd as they do not identify with  other non Jewish Christians and do not even call themselves Christian. 

They are elitist and I suspect they believe, or some at least do that Christ died only for them and not non Jews. 

In that they should read the gospel and the epistles more closely.

They are turned off perhaps too by the modern apostasy from the true faith present in modern day, so called "Christendom." and unless one understands this and the times we are living in it would be difficult not to.