My Short Stories

Why the "NWO" has Destroyed Religion.

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Because it is the source of spiritual unity which makes you strong and powerful against them.

Without the spiritual connection you are alone and unable to win.

The defeat is at the spiritual level.
The physical is merely a half-baked world of illusion.

Make no mistake, their mastery over you is spiritual, not physical. If you win the spiritual battle the physical falls as well.

The spiritual connectedness comes from the Holy Spirit Who is in all of us.

Will God, the Holy Spirit not be able to defeat the evil if we just believe and allow His power into our lives? Of course not.

This release of the Holy Spirit which has been blocked by your force fed paganism, aetheism and above all else, pride, remember you have free will, is sufficient to wipe evil off the face of the earth - which is why evil, ie. the "NWO" fights so hard, working on your weaknesses to prevent you from achieving your God given gifts.

Refuse the NWO by asking for the power of the Holy Spirit to come over you and unite you with the rest of humanity.
You will then see the change in your own life and soon enough a change in the whole world.

I cannot convince you. Only God can do that. 

Ask him and see. But humble yourself and your pride and ask Him with a sincere heart, for God rejects the proud.

Then imagine what the world would be like if mankind was able to form a spiritual unity with God through the power of the Holy Spirit, even that part of mankind not yet given over to the Beast.
 Its great power would be defeated in no time at all.

For the will of God and his power is always in this unity of mankind.

He awaits our consent  to come in great power and save us, thats all. . ........................................

Pepare for the great day of the coming of the Lord, as promised, by preparing your soul in this way. 

He will guide you.