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NWO - There is no Resistance.

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There is no resistance except in good.

Whilst society continues to indulge in depravity, atheism, murder (abortion), theft and all forms of sin they are part of the NWO for that is the very thing that it consists of. 

The world is spiritual. Physical matter is merely a mirage and you align yourselves by your deeds either with the good or with evil. 

You allow evil to exist and to rule over you, even in institutional form, as now exists, by this alignment.

You got into this mess through self interest which blinds you to the deceit of the enemy, always parading itself as good, that is until now when they have taken such a great hold on society through power and laws which are abhorrent to freedom that they can do what they like and are revealing themselves gradually for the evil that they are.

Every act aligned with the truth is a defeat for them.

Every act by us that is sinful empowers them even further and strengthens their hold on society.

We must get back to the core essence of why we are here and that is human advancement. But that can only take place by observing basic natural laws and these laws are contained in the Ten Commandments, not in paganism which is spreading all over the once civilized world.

That is why they have separated church and state and removed these Ten Commandments from display in courthouses.

 How ironic that all law until now has been based on the Ten Commandments.

Can you see where this is going?

An endless spiral into a hell on earth, not only not witnessed before on earth but probably not even in hell itself.

The fallen angels have at least kept their intelligence intact which is how they have been able to imprison you. 

Not so that part of humanity which has fallen into their trap.

Ten Commandments in Plain English.