My Short Stories

The whole MSM perceived world is a psyop.

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The whole perceived world - through the eyes of the ms media is a psyop.

A psyop has certain aims which it generally achieves unless you are awake and don't buy it.

Fake news, wars, police state tactics, corporate welfare, bombings, homosexuality, denial of God and christianity and on and on in movie plots, music as well as the daily diet of fake news AND COMMENTARY are all part of this psyop. They are not separate psyops but each contributes to the progression of the dumbing down and moral enslavement of the people. The same garbage is forced down the throats of school children and even at university level and there is very little that can stop it unless you believe in God and because you have delinked yourself from the program, are not swayed, smelling 'something rotten in the state of Denmark.' 

You should not get caught up in individual outrages which consume you but see everything as part of this progression and conserve your energy for survival. This is important as things are starting to be ramped up and you need to stay calm and grounded as the Orwellian saga reveals itself.

The battle will be fierce but don't get sucked in .

Keep your distance and keep your cool.

Be prepared at all times and watch for signs of things that you don't want to be part of. Only then can you prepare your non participation.

There will always be an out, some way, some where, some how. but you have to believe and look for it.

The world will appear to be going down the gurgler, if it doesn't already, depending on your perception and point of view. There is a progression, as I said before.

It will be difficult and get more so as time goes on but be true to yourself above all else and don't buy in to the manufactured, controlled, moulded  group mind which will get you to turn on your neighbour and hate everyone and everything. That is the game plan . Avoid it and avoid those who buy into it. You are not alone but part of a billion strong army worldwide who recognise the bullshit and what is coming down the pipeline. A dark cloud will descend on humanity which will be caused by economic hardship and only those who perceive the negative aspect of it as a false  construct skilfully developed through an ongoing psychological operation by a cabal of ex human supremos, will be able to ride out the storm without losing out or without being sucked into it.

Love is the goal, seek it out, contribute to it and it will cradle you and carry you above the maelstrom, until the day the evil destroys itself in the final cataclysm, which is why it has been allowed to ascend to and reach the heights it will attain on this earth in the coming days.

- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -don't buy into it.