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Who is Responsible for the New World Order.

You are responsible for the nwo . We all are.

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Ever wondered why the Council on Foreign Relations (who ostensibly administer America) chose for a President a man who seems to have used false social security numbers, false birth certificate, false names and who is likely a deviant?

The answer is simple. Only this kind of a frontman would be pliable enough to carry out their agenda.

They are winning because the only antidote to their poison has been taken from the people: “Morality.” That is the very thing that could have prevented this out of control virus; the NWO poison. 

How have people voluntarily surrendered morality? Has the GM food, the vaccinations, the medications, the alcohol and science defeated the human spirit? Or is it just the mercantile pursuit of profit?

The NWO poison is evil, pure and simple, from the bowels of hell. And they had to remove the sacrosanct role of the family, of gender and community to develop the immorality.

They had to corrupt the churches which could provide values for moral and just lives.

They had to destroy faith like it was the removal of a cancer from public affairs. This was never the intention of the constitution.

And  people have fallen for it all hook, line and sinker.

Before Obama came a man George W Bush, who has been described as totally mind controlled and before him a man who was also totally compromised, Clinton. Remember the Clinton administration’s surreptitious  role in the destruction and tearing apart of Yugoslavia? Remember executive orders began under him ... among other things.

There is no doubt, by his robotic nature that the incumbent is also mind controlled. But there is a discernible difference, a greater acceptance of the agenda, almost but not quite matching the glee of a Rumsfeld - king of aspartame poisoning and self crowned bloodsoaked Lord of Iraq.

This is the man, Obama, who is presiding over the total collapse of the moral, intellectual and financial life of America.

We don't know and can never know why, unless of course we have a similar desire, a similar cause, a similar mission.

The men in dark rooms have the desire to see the US crumble. We can only guess who they are by the terrifying fruits of their work.

What can we do?

Is there a higher power of goodness but one which can only respond to our free will, which is the basis of human dignity?

Despite the NWO conditioning which has led to the corruption of our lives, we can still attain a spirituality and a sentient awareness. Otherwise we will become the NWO we proclaim to be against and cannot complain when we are thrown out onto the rubbish heap by these same people.

It is not possible to have it both ways.  

If some have burned their bridges and despite their protestations to the contrary  have sided with the enemy, then this is through a lack of morality and this empowers the enemy over our own lives and the life of the nation.

Even the remnants of the infiltrated and corrupted but once great religions are now listed as terrorist organisations by the government.

They have done this not for the security of the nation but for the security of the police state.

This Orwellian doublespeak, present in all their language both written and spoken, is no more evident than:- “The Department of Homeland Security”- the  name chosen for this massively funded, post civilized world, macro and micro mechanism of social control and enslavement.