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The Department of Homeland Security

Made in USA.

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The intention and indeed ongoing effort of the DHS is the imposition of a draconian and orwellian police and surveillance state utilizing drones as a visible reminder that you are being watched, monitored,guarded like prisoners in a maximum security jail, but tracking and controlling you in real time more insidiously through your computer, mobile phone, TV, cameras, snitches, credit card purchases, police history and eventually microchips implanted in your wrist or forehead where they will be effectively recharged continuously by your body's own bioelectric system.

They now possess profile computer centres where all the information collected on citizens is sent, accumulated and analysed to form a profile and if you are not a manifest lobotomized automatom you are even now being assessed as a threat to their system and relabelled an actual or potential domestic terrorist and targeted for re-education, imprisonment and or death and they have guns and goons to make good on their intentions. and make no mistake, this is already happening.

But who are they and to whom do they answer?

Certainly not the government and whilst they still can, state and local authorities must begin in ernest to ban them from their jurisdiction under threat of imprisonment or death whichever they choose.

No time like the present.
No action more imperative before they consolidate power and build the fortress of an impenetrable position in society.

This is a call to arms.