The nihilism of the music industry. 

 What better way to grab the youth who are otherwise full of promise for the 
 future of society?
 What better way to disenfranchise the middle aged from the full enjoyment of 
 their rest & recreation?
 What better way to discourage the elderly from finding peace of mind in their 
 old age?

 There are two rules, only two.


 Do not allow music which is in cinq with the natural rythmn of the soul - of the 
 It must be disconsonant but with the outward appearance of being hip. The 
 natural rythmn must be replaced with another rythmn which in addition to the 
 above must be violent, tumultuous and hypnotic at the same time.


 Destroy the careers discourage the independent ventures of all those who do not 
 participate in the program, through control of the recording, airplay and live 
 How this discouragement is effected is a mystery.

 But witness the fact that it occurs  by the failure of a plethora of 
 super-talented people who come through the Talent shows, to ever see the
 light  of day for their music, or be heard from again, unless they 
submit to the program. This submission is easily discernable.

 "The followers of darkness [it seems] are wiser than the children of light 
 in this world." They allow the talent shows so they can discover and 
 conscript those with talent to their program, but not before we catch a glimpse of and enjoy their true talent.
 Again as ever, even murder is not out of the question for non compliance from those who have  influence 
 with the public through their music, or destroying the artists with drugs, false 
 charges. etc., and we all know someone from each of these categories.

  To my knowledge this goes back as far as the thirties;
 though not as far reaching and all encompassing as it is today 
 and includes film too of course.

  Frances Farmer  was an up and coming power personality whose acting fame and 
 beauty  gave her unprecedented access to media, (which also was not as controlled as it 
 is today), as a social reformer. The entire establishment was terrified of her 
 and they hated her.
 What they did to her was on a par with the worst excesses of the Soviet Union. 

 She was no Oprah Winfrey, who never rocked the boat and as a result ended as 
 irrelevant as she started.

 Ironically after 15 years of deliberate rape and torture in a mental asylum which still
 failed to break her, they trotted her out, after the final blow, a lobotomy, as a talk show host, 
showing not only their contempt for her but for the public she tried to help.

She is the standard  to look at in the entertainment industry, 
of the modus operandi of these people and what lengths 
they will go to to achieve their insane black arts ambitions. 

They are trained up to this vileness by who knows what but also by 
such public displays to the invited, as the nihilistic  ceremony, 
 "Cremation of Care [concience]." at Bohemian Grove.

To hell with them all, let the music begin.