My Short Stories

Lies and Fasting.


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The respect for the media is the greatest form of disrespect there is for the truth.

This "human respect" which corresponds to lies, has the following effect.

It turns you into the very person they want you to be. 

Sounds religious because it is.

You are what you consume.

If you consume garbage you become garbage and this is not truer than in the spoken and written word which we consume daily.

"But what else can we do." I was once even asked.

Not to be taken aback I replyed. Listen to your heart more and media less.

It is not such an easy accomplishment.

We can easily be deceived by the false authority of the worldly media, its power and pervasiveness, more so if we have no morality, no definition of what is right or wrong in our human relationships and our own selves.

It is simple nonetheless because there is really only two paths to distinguish between; not five, not six, not seven.

We don't always need to know everything is either right or wrong but we can get a generals idea at some point of the false paradigm given to us by a religious authority which deceives, camouflages and suppresses the reality of life, replacing it with an image. And it is religious. It would not have the sheer ferocity with which it carries out its plans without a religious fervour.

Because of mans weak condition, both physically (including mentally) and spiritually, the deception is not always recognisable and the best way to sharpen the senses is to eat proper food and fast from those things we put in our mouth which cloud our vision, depress our spirit and fatten our bodies.